Agatha Malevich in the past.

Whatcha need to know about Agatha in the past.

The Run DownEdit

She was in the same orphanage as Selena, and formed a justice group with Selena, and eventually Oak. (For a better rendtion, see the article in the page, Selena.)

Her full name is Agatha Malevich, and she can be egotistical, prideful, powerful, and short tempered. She is very impatient and bares resentment towards the player for "stealing" her love interest away from her by being rivals with Sam. The player is unaware of this until it is mentioned to him, due to her tendency of thinking and acting without explaining (ie, she will think of something, form an opinion and continue the train of though, and react in a certain way while expecting others to have followed her thought process). 

She and the player do not get off on the right foot, at the very moment they first meet each other, they are at each others throats and get very short with one another. They are constantly competing with one another and find ways to insult and mock, or belittle the other person.