Everything you need to know about the Fast Travel System.

What is it?Edit

Fast Travel Station

How a Fast Travel Station Generally looks.

The Fast Travel System is a means of conveyance that travels a player from point A to point B instantly. In Video games they are a popular way of travelling so the player does not need to walk everywhere. This is different in several ways from Pokémon's standard "Fast Travel System" which is Flying.

Why do we need this?Edit

During this time, Lithos is newly founded and finally hit it's boom in population. Because of this much of the land has not been explored throughroghly and is very dangerous to those who are inexperienced at flying. To remedy this, there are several areas where a person with a Trainer's Liscense is allowed free passage on a Bird Tamer's Pokémon to their desired Station. They are in every town, however, you must be in the town to use it, and you can only travel to a station, ie, you cannot use it on a road, and you cannot fly to a location that does not have a Station, eg, travelling to the Pokemon Center outside of Mt. Moon or the Power plant in the offical games.