Information on the Mysterious JB.



He was born November 8th, 1900. He left his meager village in hope of reaching greatness, not for the fame, but for the ability to say his life had meaning, and to be affect others positively. Whether or not he is alive is unknown, so too is whether or not he reached his true goal. The creation of Lithos was brought about by pure creativity and individualism. None of the cities or towns were made like nor named after any of the villages he once knew. His last known words were about him recounting his failures, saying that there is still much more of Lithoso that has not been explored. He believes he has failed his people.

Life Before LithosEdit

He lived a simple life, he faced little challenges, but felt trapped, or rather sheltered. He had a few close friends and they grew tired of their mondane lives. He asked them if they wanted to go on an adventure to seek a new world. Everyone was skeptical, but eventually agreed. He left his homeland in search of something new, something exciting, some uncensored. He travelled with his close friends and about 50 or so other people. 

Starting LithosEdit

He left when he was 21, and founded Lithos within months. When they all reached the shores they started exploring. They reached dense forests or mountain ranges that impeaded their travels. They, however, discovered a great mountain with a passage that, after mining modernizing, lead to the other side of Lithos. They eventually made colonies (or villages) and populated the land named they named Lithos, after the rich and fertile soil and mountainous areas. Years later, rampaging earthquakes and landslides filled in most of the pathways, leaving only a small passage to the summit of the mountain - though the mountain is rumored to have underground passages still in existence.

Lithos TodayEdit

Lithos today has a few more cities and villages than the original one founded by JB and his friends. All of the cities, towns and villages have been modernized and have the most efficient use of energy. Lithos has a thriving economy which is maintained by its rigorous trade with many regions.

Current LifeEdit

No one is sure of JB's whereabouts, whether he is alive, or if he is hiding. There is no evidence to confim any of the stories or rumors people claim about Lithos' founder.