Screenshot of the PokéGear.

Everything you need to know about The apps of the Pokégear!

What is it?Edit

The Pokégear is a device not unlike a smartphone. You more or less forget there is even a phone feature, what with the amazing features and applications. It is a fancy little device that will moderately aid players throughout their journey.

The design is a shout-out to the great PDA from the Pokémon Colosseum series.

List of AppsEdit

Trainer Liscence - The left side of the device features your Liscence, displaying your name, ID no., a Photo ID, and other specs.

Achievements - It will feature 3 categories, Quest, Shop, and Achievements. Quests will display all quests, in order from Main to side in that order. Shop will show a list of total items and display whether or not they have been obtained and whether or not they can be bought. The achivement section will simply list all unlocked and locked achievements.

Phone - Currently, a basic phone system, but more is planned for it later on.

Berry Recipes - A recipe book which will be stocked with standard recipies, as well as catalogue all new ones created. It will be a very omportant feature in conjuction with the Berry Mixing feature which is in development.

Badge Case - All Gym Leaders and Gym Masters are shown, and once defeated, so too are their respective badge.

PokéLocator - Basically, it will show the map, which will allow the player to then choose a road. This will bring up a database which will show the total amount of Pokémon on the selected road, as well as showing which have been obtained, their level they are found, their location (land, fishing, or water), their rareness in form of percent chance to encounter them, and the time of day you encounter them. It will display information in the form of "???" and "N/A" for the ones not encountered, but will give the player an atual idea of what Pokémon, and how many actual ones are on any given route - the first in any game I am aware of, and the first time a player can check this information in-game in such a cohesive way. It is akin to the website: