19 Year old Samuel Oak.

All you need to know about Samuel Oak

The Great ProfessorEdit

The greatest of the greats had to start somewhere, and so itis fitting that Pofessor Oak be no different He grew up in the small town with you, the player, and as the only boys in town, you became quick rivals. However, despite having such a rivalry, both kids were great friends, and still are now as Pokémon trainers. In his youth he longed for the ability to catalogue Pokémon in a cohesive list, which drove him to create an early version of the  Pokédex, which is shared with the Hero.

Oak and his gangEdit

Regardless of wether or not it's common knowledge, Oak was in a gang with a few friends, including Agatha. however, due to their abrasiveness and their slightly wicked ways, he decides to leave, prompting Agatha, who had a crush on him, to hate him and ridicule him mercilessly. Most of their dealings happen off screen, and the player finds out bits and pieces of the occurance through small pieces of information. However at one point the player teams up with the gang for a mission, while Oak tags along to aide the player, he bails half way through because of Agatha's insuferable nature. Despite the distance he puts between himself and Agatha, he still cares a great deal about her as well as the Selena, the other member of the Gang.