Fine Choice

The Starter Selection screen.

Here is everything you need to know about the starters of Litharreon!

Background InfoEdit

The starters are the ones from the new Generation games, X and Y. All the starters originate from an unknown region (the audience knows it as Kalos), and have found their way to Lithos! They were brought to Prof. Maple, the leading Professor during that time.

Why these new ones?Edit


The Starters.

Who wants the standard boring starters we've all seen ten million times, not to mention the thousands of other fan games that use them, and the hundreds that "let you choose from all of the possible 15 original ones" Thats boring, and I'd rather let people who don't own a 3DS enjoy these new little guys.

Originally I had chosen a bran new set of Fakémon, but chose to keep the game canon, choosing these newer ones, as they fit the bill of being "new and recently discovered".